What questions to ask before buying a yacht

Who doesn’t dream of owning their own yacht? Of course, it’s the most luxurious thing you could own! However, it requires some thinking before actually buying one. Buying a yacht: everything you need to consider is written below!


Ahhh…on my yacht..this is the life!

Buying a new or second-hand yacht?

If you have no experience with yachts, then forget about buying a new one. If you’re buying a yacht, whether it be new or old, you should always consider if there’s a crew, its insurance, available space and its layout.

Buying: should I get a luxury yacht?

Buying a private boat such as a yacht charter depends on how you will be using it: as a secondary home, a holiday home or even for a private getaway. Then you have to consider its capacity, its speed on the seas and its price.

Choose a make of yacht that fits your lifestyle

Don’t forget that the brand, design and type of your future yacht will say something about you. So many things about your lifestyle will influence your thoughts about buying a yacht!

Buying a yacht: think about the cost implications

Aside from the expenditure linked to agency fees and import costs, you will need to think about long term investments that go with your new purchase: port hire, delivery costs, taxes, crew salaries, additional expenses, etc.


Buying a yacht: think about the additional costs that come with harbouring in a port

Buying a yacht or a boat in general is not a decision that should be taken lightly. So, we are inviting you to read our article about the essentials you need to know about buying luxury boat on the French Riviera.

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  1. Mike says:

    Personally, I think that the yacht market is becoming far more accessible in the West. Before long, it won’t be seen as something that only rich people can do. That said, this article doesn’t mention anything about yacht manufacturers in the general market, or about big makes either.