To sell my luxury villa, I used an international real estate agency

Selling a luxury villa is not easy. At the outset, you will need to override the potential buyers who are a little too dreamy, who will tire your nerves and your schedule with visits and questions, while they will never finalize their approach.

Then, how to reach the real customers, those whose wallet is compatible with the real value of a property, which you do not want in any case sell off? The good idea is to go through an international real estate agency.

This type of agency, specialized in the purchase and sale of prestige goods, is experienced in negotiations with those who have the money but little time, and knows their expectations in advance.

You will be able to rest on this professional so that it estimates the best your good, and finds the adequate arguments for an effective sale and a good price. Only real estate agents with some experience in the valuation and sale of high-end goods can facilitate the transaction: luxury is a world apart that can’t be improvised. Appealing to a professional sector will be for you a considerable time saver, especially if the buyer does not reside in France and does not speak fluently the same language as you.

Why go through the international? Simply to compete, and therefore sell at the highest price, a larger number of buyers.

Prestige agencies are therefore the best solution to sell a high-end property, because they will support your sale in a personalized way and will open their international address book of potential customers.

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