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Tips for selling your home quickly

That’s it, the decision is made, you want to sell your home. Some tips are to know to get there quickly and well, that is to say at the desired price.

Prepare the sale

To prepare the sale, start by estimating your property at its fair price. To help you, you can study ads similar to your property, in the same neighborhood, make estimates online on dedicated websites, see the base “Patrim” made available to the public by the tax authorities, and well sure to get help from a local real estate agent. It is estimated that the average selling time of a correctly assessed apartment or house is about three months. This can be much longer for an overpriced property.

Once the price is set, the easiest way is to choose a good professional and give it an exclusive sales mandate, so that it is motivated for sale.

Presentation of housing

Finally, it will be necessary to present the best your property. Make it attractive: enhance its spaces by removing some cumbersome furniture, make the decor as neutral as possible by cardboard supernumerary trinkets, anticipate the repair of small defects such as a skirting board or a defective intercom, or, in the case of an empty home, furnish it with a minimum of furniture and decoration, which will give more the desire to buy it. Be ruthless on cleaning the seals and traces of mold in the bathroom. In general, it is necessary that the future buyer have the impression that your property is in good condition, and easy maintenance.

Do not forget that an outside eye (a friend, a real estate agent …) will be more objective than yours, accustomed by the daily, to unseal the small defects of housing and therefore, camouflage them. If you do not have the time to take care of it, you can use the services of a “home stager”, that is to say a real estate agent, a professional who will have the mission to help you to value the aesthetics of your property.

In the same vein, you will need to look after the photos of your home: a house decluttered, devoid of kitsch baubles, very clean and bright is essential to attract the buyer.

To make the best impression when visiting prospective buyers, it is better to anticipate and prepare some notes, because there will be many questions from potential buyers, from the amount of property or local taxes, to the year of construction of the home. , the amount of heating costs and the area in square meters of rooms.