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The different types of yachts for rent

A beachfront apartment for 15 days in the middle of summer, is it so extraordinary? And if the view of the sea, you had it from a luxurious boat, at your exclusive disposal the time of your vacation? This is the yatching, the pleasures of a stay at the sea, the comfort of an upscale apartment and the exclusivity of the most beautiful seascapes. Welcome to the world of yachts.

Yachts less than 20 meters

The category of less than 20 meters is necessarily the most easily accessible category, because it leaves a very large choice of boats. Perfect for a romantic getaway far from everything to find or with some friends for an unforgettable holiday, yachts under 20 meters offer simply magnificent services.

Twin Pride

The Twin Pride has something to seduce you with its panoramic bay window that will allow the 8 members of the boat to enjoy in all circumstances a magnificent view of the sea. 15 meters of pleasure and comfort with 4 beautiful cabins.

Johngina Eleanna

The Johngina Eleanna and its 16 meters in length are thought to accommodate 3 couples of 2 people. But to welcome them in a luxurious setting, high-end equipment and a sense of detail that illustrates the prestige of this boat. Its slender and dynamic shape will delight you.


The Antidote is a magnificent ship. This sailboat of 15 meters will allow you to travel with the wind, being lulled by the waves. Inside, you will be surprised by its spacious volumes designed to accommodate 3 couples. Precious wood, large bedding, large common areas, it is an ode to conviviality in a high-end setting.

Princess V53

The Princess V53 will be perfect if you want to give your holiday a jet-set air. Its 16 meters long, sporty look and two engines of 715 horsepower allow you to go from one port to another without wasting time and enjoying a beautiful ship. 3 couples will come aboard for a sporty and modern getaway. The other versions of the Princess model, models 58 and 63 of less than 20 meters are also wonderful boats. Beautiful common areas, impeccable comfort in private areas, a bridge very well thought to admire the sea, you will love.

Yachts from 20 to 40 meters

Yachts in the 20 to 40 meter category are starting to offer simply extraordinary services. Large dining room, several bathrooms, a double-deck, private spaces, if these boats can sometimes accommodate more people, one never feels however oppressed so much the impression of freedom is primordial.

Mediteranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea is a beautiful sailing yacht. With nearly 30 meters long, the 6 couples he can welcome feel at home. Its fine and elegant shape gives you all the opportunity to enjoy the sea from the deck while the interior of the ship is elegantly decorated and offers impeccable comfort.

Maxi Beer

The Maxi Beer seduces with its modern lines. The four couples he welcomes will be delighted in this magnificent and particularly well equipped yacht. Its 2 engines allow it to approach 30 knots and when you have found the perfect place to stop, you can enjoy the jacuzzi, paddle, jet-ski or seabobs. Great moments in perspective in this yacht designed to make you travel.


The Vintage, its name suggests, is a sailboat. With 27 meters long, he embarks 3 couples for an adventure in the rhythm of the wind. Its vintage side and its traditional navigation make it a wonderful experience for lovers of the sea.

Julia Dorothy

The Julia Dorothy is typically the yacht that one no longer wants to leave. With its 32 meters long, it is an ode to holidays, entertainment, disconnect from the world. Particularly well equipped, it will provide you with jets ski, water slide, trampolines, paddles and small motorized boat. On the deck, a jacuzzi will wonderfully pass the time. Inside, the woodwork is the highlight with leather, all in a luxurious and elegant.

Miss Candy

The Miss Candy is over 30 meters long. If it invites only 8 people to sleep, ie 4 couples, its maximum capacity is 35 people. What to enjoy his vacation to invite friends and family to spend the day on a beautiful ship. No one will remain indifferent to the lacquered woodwork, the rooms in various colors and the magnificent layout of the main deck. With two powerful engines and a cruising speed of 19 knots, you can easily navigate the day in search of a heavenly place.


Azalea surprises and seduces from the start. Far from the traditional decorations of yachting boats, the Azalea boasts a very modern, refined and elegant decoration in which gray, white and taupe tones predominate. It remains a magnificent vessel of nearly 40 meters long for 9 cabins and a crew of no less than 13 people. At your disposal, besides the luxurious equipment of the boat as the jacuzzi, there is paddle, jet-ski, 18 feet Zodiac, kayak, water slide equipment as well as water golf and many other elements.

Yachts from 40 to 60 meters

Between 40 and 60 meters, we discover there exceptional yachts. Depending on the configuration, they allow you to invite a few passengers for the day while you will find in the evening the intimate character of yacht sailing thanks to a smaller number of cabins. Luxurious, perfectly equipped, impossible to blame these Apollo of the seas.

Top Five

The Top Five deserves to be in first position as it seduces. Even before boarding the bridge, its futuristic shape, slender, superbly appointed, augurs a trip that will be magnificent. Once inside, nothing is done to deny your first excellent impression. Lacquered woodwork, chrome, mirrors and mirrors for beautiful light effects, equipment worthy of a large hotel and only 6 cabins for nearly 50 meters, you are in an exceptional yacht. In the hold, you will find the very long list of all the equipment that will brighten your day.

Admiral 54

The Admiral 54 is reserved for those who do not want to find in their yacht all the classic codes of boat decoration. Here, no woodwork throughout the rooms, but a clever decoration mixing white and black, hidden lights that make atmosphere, sometimes sifted, sometimes scene to make the show. The least we can say is that the 50 meters of this futuristic ship will make you party in all circumstances.


The Sovereign offers you 55 meters of happiness as this ship will fill you. Accommodating 6 cabins for 12 passengers, each one will have its well defined place and a space of your own. Elegance of decoration, wood, we are in the purest style of yachting. In the common areas, the reception room, the lounge, the dining room offer a beautiful setting for extraordinary evenings. During the day, the bridge and its swimming pool will be for example an amenity of great comfort. You will also enjoy multiple additions such as water games, the necessary to practice sports, jet-ski and other seabob or kayaks. Not a moment will look like the following on a ship such as the Sovereign.


The Riana is a 40 meter sailboat. Beautifully crafted, it gives to discover a traditional navigation, according to the elements, but in an exceptional setting. Its design, the elegance of the common areas and the private cabins make it a sumptuous ship. Although traditional with its sails, you will still enjoy all the necessary to have fun as often as possible with jet-ski, fishing equipment or diving and the Zodiac which will allow you to reach small isolated coves in leaving at sea this formidable ship.

Yachts over 60 meters

Beyond 60 meters, we enter the out of category, the exceptional ship. Few on the market, they are in the bidding to offer you top-notch amenities, unparalleled comfort and equipment to meet your expectations.

Light Holic

Forget the standards of naval decoration with the Light Holic. His interior designer preferred white, elegant gilding, discreet marble, rich wall hangings. It leaves an impression of luxury, obviously, but without any ostentation. 6 cabins spread over a 60 meter ship, it is the assurance of tranquility with well separated spaces. It is also the pleasure of retreating into a huge living room and a large dining room. You will enjoy a breathtaking view of the sea in exceptional conditions. During your stops, the equipment provided with the ship such as the Zodiac, jet-ski, diving equipment, seabob, kayak and others will be a most welcome addition.


The Serenity is 72 meters yacht in a contemporary, elegant, refined style. With its particularly neat decoration, and its huge volumes, it is believed to enter the lobby of a large, star-studded hotel when entering the main salon. The 15 cabins have all their charm and offer a welcome independence during a beautiful navigation at sea. The many equipment of the boat will easily occupy the 30 passengers.

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