How to choose your holiday house in the south ?

Summer is fast approaching and you want to enjoy a dream holiday enjoying the sunshine? Then you will love to go to the seaside or to the hinterland to fully enjoy the sweetness of the South of France. But you still need to find the ideal rental that really corresponds to your desires. Because beyond the exceptional panorama and enchanting landscapes, it is necessary to focus on the quality of the accommodation that will suit you and on its assets. All types of housing are available on the market, which means you need to define what your interests are and the priorities you have set for your dream holiday.


Renting an apartment in Paris: four criteria to take into account

Made the decision to move to the French capital? In that case, we have some tips to help you decide how to go about it.

Anyone attracted to urban city living would be well advised to search for accommodation close to the city centre and should also put together a file testifying to their suitability and attractiveness as a potential tenant, complete with requisite documents (ID for example), etc. Searching for an apartment in Paris can basically be highly competitive and something of a battleground.

But don’t worry: with the right preparation and proper organisation, you’ll be able to find your heart’s desire. Paris is a wonderful city famous for its historic monuments, romantic little streets and vibrant, highly active cultural scene. (more…)

The different types of yachts for rent

A beachfront apartment for 15 days in the middle of summer, is it so extraordinary? And if the view of the sea, you had it from a luxurious boat, at your exclusive disposal the time of your vacation? This is the yatching, the pleasures of a stay at the sea, the comfort of an upscale apartment and the exclusivity of the most beautiful seascapes. Welcome to the world of yachts.


What questions to ask before buying a yacht

Who doesn’t dream of owning their own yacht? Of course, it’s the most luxurious thing you could own! However, it requires some thinking before actually buying one. Buying a yacht: everything you need to consider is written below! (more…)

Rent a Rolls-Royce on the French Riviera

Driving on the French Riviera in an impressive Rolls-Royce is a thrilling way to enjoy the famous Riviera Towns including Antibes, Monaco, Cannes, St. Tropez and Nice. There are many ways that you can travel through the French Riviera, but nothing provides a unique experience than driving a Rolls-Royce. (more…)

Luxury vehicle: travel differently on the French Riviera

You’re passing along the Cote d’Azur to Cannes, Nice and Monaco, and you want to enjoy the pleasures of travelling. Luxury vehicle rental services with a driver and limousine service are much more than one-way trips by car. In fact, on the French Riviera, for example, certain companies don’t hesitate to offer personalized services including not only valet, but also concierge service in order to befriend and please a clientele that is ever more demanding in their pursuit of perfection. Let’s focus is on this type of private hire business. (more…)

10 tips for finding the perfect rental in South of France

We have all gone through this stage at one time or another: leaving the family nest, embarking upon a new life, forging your own path. (more…)

Finding a place to live for students abroad

Today, I decided to share with you a testimony of a young student, Amy, who decided to live in Greece for several months. Amy talks about her experience, where she lived in Greece and how she found her appartment. (more…)