Real Estate: How to increase the value of your property?

You want to sell your property, so get the best price! So, a little overview of what you can do to increase its value is needed.

It’s not necessarily about big expenses. Some actions are just a matter of common sense. Cleaning and uncluttering your property are essential. To tempt potential buyers, your house will have to be impeccable. Think also about persistent odors, which must be eliminated: pet smells, cigarette smell … If necessary, rent the services of a cleaning lady for a few hours (many websites offer it and the price of services gives usually take place at a small tax deduction) can be very relevant.

Then, or before, you must eliminate all supernumerary objects and furniture bulky or outdated, too typed, bad bill, to provide a sense of space, and that the purchaser can imagine live in your real estate. Do not hesitate to remove some decorations, and to lighten even the shelves of cupboards. All this can be stored temporarily in a few boxes, and stored at a friend’s house … Buyers will always appreciate having ample storage possibilities.

Some small renovations can be done easily, by yourself or by a handyman friend. In the house or apartment, a quick shot of white on the walls can save the day. Always choose neutral colors, classic, and clear, which will please the greatest number and give an impression of cleanliness and space.

Investing in new curtains that will let in more light is also a good idea. In the main rooms (living room, dining room), it is imperative that the lighting is efficient: the best bulbs, chandeliers brighter, are a must. Also check the quality of switches and outlets, their proper operation, and do not hesitate to replace them. Sometimes you also have to replace door handles or faucets.

If you have a garden, it will of course rid of weeds and all that can give it a dirty or neglected (heaps of planks, tools piled in a corner …). Add some flower beds, some potted plants, and, why not, some solar loupiotes, which will brighten up the place.

Other possible actions, to increase the value of your property, will require more costs. It’s up to you to see if it’s worth it. Most of the time, you will be able to take with you the recent purchases … The grounds, however, will not be carried away, and yet they must be impeccable to receive your visitors. So, if it’s necessary, change the carpet out of one or two rooms … Think that most buyers will prefer wooden floors. The kitchen is certainly the key piece of a buyer’s visit. There must be no impression of dilapidation: it may be necessary to invest in a new oven or new closets.

It may be appropriate, to give an impression of space and modernity, to break a non-bearing wall, a partition. And, finally, to enlarge your house, think to arrange the attic if there is some.

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