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Owning a property in Athens

Athens, the great European capital, still resonates with ancient history and, despite its hectic pace, cultivates a form of happiness in life, culture and entertainment.

Little is known about it, but there are more theatres in the city than in Paris. Artistic creation is overflowing and the streets offer the setting of a Mediterranean life where restaurants and cafés seem to compete in originality around historical and archaeological sites which set the daily life in a setting of eternity.

But Athens is also a major economic centre whose commercial dynamism is visible everywhere. A composite city with multiple faces like those of the Greek theatre, it is of growing interest to economic investors looking for land and real estate opportunities.

The quality of life is, without doubt, the first return on investment.

Athens appeals for its energy, its real estate opportunities, its climate, its quality of life and the ease of transport. If you add the criterion of the cost of living, which is much lower than in many European capitals, you will only find advantages of investing here.

Mobilia-real estate has already accompanied hundreds of candidates for a new start in the Greek capital. And Athens is diverse enough to suit everyone.

Families often choose to live in the more northerly parts of the conurbation, where the houses are generally larger and more comfortable. It is true that gardens and islands of greenery are more suitable for children.

The proximity of educational establishments such as the Lycée Français or the American School are a plus. Whether in the areas of Agia Paraskevi, Dyonisos, Kifissia or Ekali, everyone will be able to find their dream home even if the prices of the properties remain significant.

Sea lovers will certainly prefer the south of Athens where the proximity of the beaches makes areas such as Palea Faliro, Vouliagméni or Voula very popular.

The topology of these areas is quite peculiar and you will find many modern buildings competing for a more or less direct view of the sea. In spite of a small air of big complexes, the buildings are very pleasant and there is a very organised and pleasant neighbourhood life.

Those who are looking for quieter places can find spacious flats in the eastern part of the city, which are not so much in demand for the hectic life of the centre with its busy activity. The East is ideal for those who love neighbourhood life and a gentle way of living. Some places sometimes look like little Montmarte with the buildings clinging to the sloping streets that are the prerogative of the area. Nevertheless, commercial life is important and there is still a wide variety of shops and craftsmen that have long since disappeared in many European cities.

For those who have the city in their blood, with its furious energy, the centre of Athens is made for them.

Making your own way through the eclecticism of the centre is an adventure in itself that is renewed every day. Between the chic zone of Kolonaki and the post-industrial zone of Gazi, the urban planner and sociologist who slumbers in each of us goes from discovery to discovery in the middle of districts such as Monastiraki, Psiri or Thisio. We meander between historical monuments and the traces of an ancient Athenian society dedicated to trade and craftsmanship.

Athens is a “melting pot” warmed by history, climate and human hearts. The field of possibilities is immense. Whether you have a life project, a residential or economic investment project, you can be sure that Athens is an answer to your needs and desires.

Mobilia real estate is at the heart of this dynamic that is transforming a city that was once said to be lost and is now recovering with an enthusiasm and energy that you won’t find elsewhere.

The prices are still very attractive and you will be surprised by the quality of the properties on the market.

A real estate agency will be able to provide you with all the answers for your Athenian real estate investment. All you have to do is take the plunge.

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