How to make a good real estate ad?

You want to sell your property and, as for a love announcement, you will have to write a text that decides the reader to come see it. To be effective, a real estate ad must be short and accurate. It must also, except eventually prove ineffective, reflect as accurately as possible the reality.

The title is important, it will catch the attention of your future buyer. You will think to put forward the major asset of your property. For example, for student housing, “a stone’s throw from the university.” For a Parisian apartment: “spacious and quiet”. For a holiday in Provence: “superb villa with swimming pool”, etc.

Then you have to write a short and precise text, in which you avoid the abbreviations. Indicate concisely the location of the property, the proximity of public transport (in the city) or the nearest city (in the country) or the beach, and that of (good) schools. You will also specify the surface of the property in square meters, the floor (for an apartment) or the number of floors (for a house), the outbuildings (balcony, terrace, garden, cellar, attic, garage, parking space … ). For the garden, also indicate its surface. Remember to mention what is the heating system (collective, electric, gas …) and double-glazing if there is any. Finally, indicate the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and toilets, and the presence of storage space such as cupboards and wardrobes. It would be best to give the precise surface of all the main pieces.

You must also specify the year of construction of the property and the amount of condominium fees, if any, and local taxes. In this short text, you will only mention the positive points of your home. After, on the spot, the future buyer will have plenty of time to get an idea and weigh the pros and cons, in an overall vision.

Quality and bright photos will accompany your ad text.

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