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Buying an apartment in Nice: which districts to choose ?

The city of Nice enjoys a prime location between the sea and the mountains. Each district has its own identity, which accentuates the city’s charms. Choosing the right location for your future apartment is essential in order to fully benefit from its advantages.

The luxury real estate market in Nice

The city is immersed in a prestigious aura that contributes to its reputation. A popular holiday destination for aristocrats during the 19th century, Nice is now a refuge for luxury lovers. The buildings compete in elegance and enjoy an advantageous location, as close as possible to the most beautiful sites in Nice. Investors come from all continents to buy an apartment or a huge property. They see it as an opportunity to live in a city that is constantly surrounded by a holiday atmosphere.

You want to start buying an apartment in Nice https://www.haussmannrealestate.com/buying/apartment/nice/ but you have no idea what neighbourhoods to target and avoid? Here is a short guide that will be useful to you.

The Nice Golden Square

The Carré d’Or corresponds to the Nice hyper-centre. This cosmopolitan district includes bourgeois buildings and vast green spaces. Luxury boutiques and the proximity of the Mediterranean accentuate the prestige of this district.

It should be noted that the Carré d’Or is surrounded by a lively atmosphere. Activities follow one another day and night in this multicultural area. In addition, there are many one-way streets and pedestrian streets. Most journeys are easier to make on foot, which has no major disadvantages. Indeed, it only takes a few minutes to go from a restaurant to the casino, not to mention the bars and shopping areas.

La Place Garibaldi, the place to be

The area is attractive because of its proximity to Old Nice but also because of the abundance of shops. The semi-pedestrian square has several restaurants on the terrace as well as establishments where residents spend convivial evenings. The old buildings, which are decorated with baroque arches, add a vintage touch to this constantly evolving district. Garibaldi Square is particularly appreciated by young working people.

An apartment on the mythical Promenade des Anglais

The avenue that borders the famous Baie des Anges is a great place to buy a Nice apartment. The district is full of shops and is perfectly served by public transport. A romantic atmosphere hangs over the Promenade des Anglais, which also has an exotic facet. Its gardens, its breathtaking view of the Mediterranean and the historic buildings erected there make it an exceptional district.

The Port of Nice, a booming district

Located between Mount Boron and Castle Hill, Port Lympia is ideally served by major roads. It is a district marked by large-scale projects whose objective is to increase its dynamism tenfold. The façades are undergoing major renovations. New pedestrian streets are gradually being built. Trendy shops are emerging just a stone’s throw from old buildings. The Port district thus combines luxury and authenticity.

Apartment on Mount Boron, luxury, calm and pleasure

The district takes its name from Mont Boron, the hill on which it was built. Its high position is an asset as the apartments enjoy an incomparable view. The area is home to several luxury properties ranging from Belle Epoque buildings to resolutely contemporary constructions. The green setting surrounding Mount Boron makes it a restful neighbourhood. Such an environment is ideal for romantic walks, as well as outdoor sports sessions and family outings.

Depending on the neighbourhood chosen, your apartment may be located in a very busy area or a more intimate space. These eclectic atmospheres have no impact on the prestige that is omnipresent in Nice.

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