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A Guide to luxury real estate on the French Riviera !

Today, I decided to talk to you about renting or purchasing luxurious real-estate

When looking for luxury property, many people find themselves having a hard time making the right choice. Luckily, I have drafted a guide to help you find your dream home !

The French Riviera: A prestigious destination

First, I suggest you to set the city in which you wish to invest and buy your property. This will make your search a lot easier.

Select areas where luxurious villas and penthouse abound  ! That’s certainly the case on the French Riviera, where villas in St Jean Cap Ferrat, Villefranche, Eze or Nice are really prestigious and meet the needs of the most demanding people. These towns are well known for their high quality real-estate and their unique locations. Many celebrities have already settled in the “Côte d’Azur” (Bono, Elton John, Tina Turner, etc.). You will find in the French Riviera different home design and architecture, which makes house-hunting exciting.


Selecting your perfect property

My second recommendation is about the choice of the villa itself. It is better to buy a luxurious property in which you feel comfortable and which reflects your personality. Do not always trust your first impression but still, listen to your feelings. Do not hesitate to project yourself in the house, and see if you and your family can fit in. Remember that you are going to live there; you need to imagine in the house your furniture and your home decoration. If you don’t live in the same area where you want to buy your dream house house, start by making notes of what types of architecture you like in that specific region and what you do not like. This will help the realtor to refine his research for you (I had the pleasure to work with https://www.haussmannrealestate.com/, this real Estate agency is the crème de la crème for Luxury Real Estate). Other important criteria you need to consider are the surface area, the number of rooms, the number of floors, the view, other items (swimming pool, playroom, garages, and of course… the price!

Luxury holiday rentals

If you are not ready to buy yet, allow yourself to experience a luxurious villa for holidays; you will not be disappointed! Why not spending some time in the villa by renting it? As a starting point, renting a property for a week allows you to experience the neighborhood and discover the area. You also have the possibility to rent a luxurious apartment. Luxury apartments have the same level of quality than villas, sometimes even more. Either you are looking to rent or purchase, holiday rentals give you the opportunity to experience the French hospitality and the high-standard of its luxury properties.

Renovate or build your house

Renovating and building are two interesting options that may be available to you! Many properties are in need of serious renovations. If you look for purchasing a property because you don’t want the hassle of renovating your own home, think again! Renovating a property, especially houses, villas or mansions are one of the most profitable investments. Renovating with good taste will allow your property to gain in value and at the end, you might just change your mind and decide to keep the house once the renovations are over.

However, if with all those tips you still haven’t found your dream home, maybe you need your own tailored built villa. If not, you can buy a house in Beaulieu or Monaco.

Building your own personalized luxurious home is the last alternative. Your realtor will find you a nice spot to build your very own vision of happiness.