10 tips for finding the perfect rental in South of France

We have all gone through this stage at one time or another: leaving the family nest, embarking upon a new life, forging your own path.

This latter phase takes place when it comes time to study in a different region. It therefore becomes necessary to find an apartment to rent. Based upon the geographic location, this search can vary in degree of difficulty. Prices can range anywhere from one to three times the average price, whether you are in the Paris region, the Alpes Maritimes or in the countryside in Central France. I am therefore going to offer you some advice and tips on how to quickly find a rental at the best price.

Finding a studio in Southern France can be a real struggle.

Finding a studio in Southern France can be a real struggle.

Apartment sharing

Apartment sharing allows you to divide the expenses, benefit from a larger, roomier sometimes more modern apartment, to be part of a community and not find yourself isolated. Be advised however, this requires organization. Additionally, you are required to advance a significant financial guarantee upon assuming the premises, so be careful to share your apartment with those who will respect the accommodations; otherwise you might wind up with some rather unpleasant surprises.

Searching for a studio on websites offering rentals

There are a numerous sites which offer rentals. Certain are generalists which offer sales and rentals throughout all of France. Other rental sites are regionally concentrated and specialize in certain types of buildings, while offering advice on the specific regional characteristics to their prospective clientele. These sites will give you the opportunity to compare the offers, the prices and to directly contact the owners or the agency. Be cautious however of ads which appear too good to be true with very low rents and of those with many spelling mistakes, where they ask you to put money down without having first seen the accommodations. In reality, fraud is an ever increasing problem on these popular sites.

Opt for an intergenerational rental

Intergenerational rentals consist of renting a room at low price in the apartment of an elderly person in exchange for company or minor services (doing the shopping…). This can be an opportunity not to invest too much into rent. However, the renters are carefully selected and in general you are not allowed guests and visitors.

Intergenerational rentals, to benefit from high quality accommodation

Intergenerational rentals, to benefit from high quality accommodation

Check out the classified ads in your school, work or sports club

In private community environments, there is often a bulletin board for placing small announcements for private rentals or even other students looking for apartment sharing. Don’t hesitate check these out. If you are a student, don’t hesitate, either to ask the student housing services or the reception at your school if they are aware of any private individuals offering rentals.

Expand your opportunities for finding an accommodation

Expand your opportunities for finding an accommodation

Contact the city hall which sometimes publish housing guides

You can visit the website of the city hall or actually physically visit the offices. Sometimes the city will publish small student guides for the school year with advice or addresses to find lodging.

Deal with a real estate agency

You can deal directly with a real estate agency. Contact your school prior to selecting one because sometimes prices are negotiated, in advance, for you. Whatever you do, avoid list-sellers like the plague, they are almost always frauds.

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  1. Maggie says:

    Hi all,

    I was looking for a shared apartment in Nice for my studies, thanks to a great real estate agency, I managed to find a one room apartment for the right price. I get to live alone and to pay a reasonable price for it !

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