Realtor Tips

What to do on holiday in Beaulieu sur mer?

Renowned for its typical Belle Époque buildings, Beaulieu-sur-Mer is a Mediterranean town that offers a multitude of possibilities to holidaymakers. Whether you decide to stay on dry land or want to take to the open sea, you can be sure that your stay will be punctuated with unique wonders. Here is an overview of what your holiday has in store for you. (more…)

Real Estate: How to increase the value of your property?

You want to sell your property, so get the best price! So, a little overview of what you can do to increase its value is needed. (more…)

How to make a good real estate ad?

You want to sell your property and, as for a love announcement, you will have to write a text that decides the reader to come see it. To be effective, a real estate ad must be short and accurate. It must also, except eventually prove ineffective, reflect as accurately as possible the reality. (more…)

To sell my luxury villa, I used an international real estate agency

Selling a luxury villa is not easy. At the outset, you will need to override the potential buyers who are a little too dreamy, who will tire your nerves and your schedule with visits and questions, while they will never finalize their approach. (more…)

Buy a home: Preparing for your research

To prepare a real estate purchase is first to take the time to ask yourself some essential questions. Starting with: what will I do with my property? Is this an accommodation you want to keep, for example to spend your retirement, or to expand your wealth, for example by renting it? (more…)

Tips for selling your home quickly

That’s it, the decision is made, you want to sell your home. Some tips are to know to get there quickly and well, that is to say at the desired price. (more…)

Getting settled in the French Riviera

Like any foreigner who is settling down in a county, there are aspects that need to be taken in account. As many tend to forget, the rules and regulations are not the same from a country to another. Mortgages, costs, estate planning, legal counsel or renovation laws are different.


Help, I have to leave the family nest : help me find an apartment !

Just passed you’re a degree and have to leave for uni? Panic on board! Face it, we are quite happy to leave Mum and Dad, who are sometimes very annoying, but it’s still a little scary. Student residence, individual apartment, flatsharing, the choices are endless, so what to do?! (more…)